Know Your Options

Only you have the legal right to choose the outcome of your pregnancy, and you are truly empowered to do so when you understand the information and resources that are available to you. Be encouraged to know that many women in the same situation have found the necessary help to choose the best possible option for themselves, and that same help is here for you today.


If you are thinking about abortion for your unexpected pregnancy, take the time to go through our abortion safety checklist, as well as read about the abortion procedures and risks. This ensures you have done what you need to in order to make the best and safest decision possible for you. If you have any questions about abortion, you can discuss them with a qualified and compassionate member of our staff.


Many women facing unexpected pregnancy believe that adoption would be too difficult a decision to make. The truth is that, no matter what you choose, it will carry a degree of difficulty with it. Adoption does, however, allow something selfless and beautiful to come from a hard situation: a child who has been provided with a secure and happy home.


Parenting can seem daunting if the pregnancy wasn’t part of your plan. In order to help prepare you, New Hope Center offers resources to women and families who choose to parent like parenting classes and material assistance. We walk with families, offering the support and encouragement they need in order to thrive in their parenting journeys.

If you just found out you’re pregnant and aren’t sure what to do next, New Hope Center can help. Read more about the services we offer and then schedule an appointment with us for no cost, confidential, and judgement-free care.

You will never have this day again, so make it count.