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Women who find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy may question what their next step is. In these situations, it’s important to take a moment to understand all your options and make an informed decision, so you can feel confident and at peace with moving forward. Below we will explore two options: Abortion and adoption.

What Is Abortion?

An elective, voluntary abortion terminates a viable pregnancy. There are different types of procedures, and each has its own risks associated with them.

The Mayo Clinic states, “Talk with your health care provider to get answers to your questions, help you weigh alternatives, and consider the impact the procedure may have on your future.”

If contemplating this option, please speak with a trusted provider or pregnancy center so you can understand all your options and the risks, complications, and side effects of these procedures. No matter your decision, protecting your health is important to us.

What Is Adoption?

Adoption is a no-cost opportunity for women to give hopeful couples a chance to become a family. Adoption does not look like It has in years past; in fact, it looks pretty different now. There are several different options women have in the adoption plan they choose. These include:

  • Open Adoption: You and the adoptive family make a plan and decide how involved you will be. You have the opportunity to be very engaged and participate in regular visits.
  • Semi-Open Adoption: Communication is regulated by a third party for you, so you can decide how many contacts you participate in.
  • Closed Adoption: You remain completely anonymous, and all identifying records are legally sealed.

Who Can I Speak To?

We are here to help you understand your options and what each looks like for your unique journey. Contact us today for a free, confidential appointment. We offer no-cost pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and options counseling.

We believe in helping you find an option that doesn’t compromise your health or peace of mind. We will be the support you can count on, and together we will find the way forward.

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