No-Cost Pregnancy Testing Services

New Hope Center offers pregnancy testing completely free of charge to women facing unexpected pregnancy. If you recently had unprotected sex or are experiencing any of the pregnancy symptoms, it may be time for you to take a pregnancy test.

How does pregnancy testing work?

Our lab-quality pregnancy test looks for the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone in urine, which is produced by women who are pregnant. The test requires a urine sample, and you’ll receive the results during your appointment with us.

What if I’ve already taken a home test?

Home pregnancy tests do not confirm pregnancy because they still have a fairly high margin for error. If you’ve already taken a home test and received a positive result, we encourage you to come in for our pregnancy testing and ultrasound services completely free of charge.

I’m not ready for my family or friends to find out.

Telling your friends and family is completely up to you. All services at New Hope Center are completely confidential, and we will not tell anyone – not even your parents. Our main concern is making sure you are healthy and okay, and the rest of it can all come later. If you’re still worried, give us a call and we’ll talk more in-depth about the appointment process.

What is my next step?

After a positive pregnancy test, we’ll schedule you for an ultrasound at our center. The ultrasound will provide you with important information that will guide you through considering your options and making a decision.

New Hope Center offers resources and services to all women facing unexpected pregnancy. If you think you might be pregnant, make an appointment for free pregnancy test. We are always here to help.


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