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It’s crucial to weigh each pregnancy option carefully to make the best decision for your well-being and future. If you’re considering abortion, understanding the risks and side effects of these procedures ensures you make a choice that prioritizes your health.

Facing pressure from family and friends to make a specific pregnancy decision is, unfortunately, something that many women can experience. Remember, this is your pregnancy decision, and only you have the right to choose an option.

We’ll provide helpful tips below to help you navigate this difficult situation. And if you’re considering abortion or would like to learn more about your pregnancy options, New Hope Center is here for you with free and confidential services.

1. Remind yourself of your rights.

No one has the right to pressure you to make a specific pregnancy decision, including abortion. While you may be considering this option for yourself, you deserve to learn the facts without outside influences.

Sometimes, your loved ones’ concerns can cause them to be forceful with their opinions. Setting firm boundaries during this time is critical; you create the terms for the support they can offer. And remember: pressuring someone to choose a specific option is not support.

2. Identify ways that loved ones can help.

An unplanned pregnancy is often an uncertain and stressful time. Now more than ever, you need a support system you can rely on.

It may be helpful to think about ways your loved ones can help that don’t interfere with the ability to make decisions for yourself. For example, a family member or friend can attend an ultrasound appointment with you. Or someone can provide a listening ear as you consider your options.

3. Remember that you’re in control.

You can empower yourself to learn about all your options. At New Hope Center, we provide free and confidential services for those with unplanned pregnancies.

If you’re considering abortion (or any pregnancy option), you can receive a limited ultrasound following a positive pregnancy test at our center. This service is available if you aren’t already under a doctor’s care.

An ultrasound confirms your pregnancy, helps clarify your options, and provides essential details to move forward.

We’ll also provide factual information on all your options and explain the services available if you choose parenting or adoption. We don’t provide or refer for abortions, but we’ll ensure you understand the risks and side effects of abortion procedures.

We’re here to offer non-judgmental information. If you feel you are being coerced into a pregnancy decision, including abortion, help is available. We’ll connect you to the resources you need to protect yourself.

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An unplanned pregnancy can be challenging, but you aren’t alone.

Contact us today to book an appointment. You deserve to make an informed, pressure-free decision.

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