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Knowing when and where to seek help is tricky, especially with an unplanned pregnancy. You may have limited support, or perhaps your current support system doesn’t see eye-to-eye on your situation.

The most important thing to remember is that support matters–but this is your pregnancy. There’s a difference between someone listening to your worries and them actively making decisions for you.

New Hope Center offers judgment-free information and services. We know the pregnancy decision is your choice–and it affects you the most.

What Support Do I Currently Have?

When you learn you’re pregnant, evaluate your current support system. A support system is a group of people who offer support or encouragement, especially during a time of need or crisis. This may look like practical support, like running errands, or emotional support, when you simply need someone who listens.

An unplanned pregnancy can complicate things, especially if you’re considering abortion. Loved ones may not be emotionally equipped to handle this serious situation, and your partner might feel frightened and want to decide for you (or not be involved at all).

It’s important not to take negative reactions toward the pregnancy personally. As disappointing and even infuriating as this can be, many factors are involved, including immaturity, a previous experience with abortion, their own unplanned pregnancy, or a separate issue in the person’s life.

As difficult as this can be, finding support is possible.

What Do I Do Going Forward?

When you share your pregnancy news, be open and honest about what you need. Regardless of your intended pregnancy decision, remember that some people may be quick to offer advice.

Even if they know you well and feel their advice is best, it’s essential not to make a decision based on pressure. Think critically about your options because even if everyone “seems to be on board” about one possibility, it’s your future.

A study from the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons found that 58.3% of the women reported aborting to make others happy. You should learn the facts for yourself before deciding.

Another point to consider is that most abortions are illegal in Kentucky. This means you must travel out of state for the procedure, which requires time and money. Some may be quick to suggest abortion, but few may understand the logistics that come with that decision.

You deserve to make a decision free from pressure or shaming. Set clear boundaries with those who offer support. If your partner wants to be involved, decide what role you’re comfortable with him assuming. Remember, it’s your choice!

New Hope Center provides pregnancy options information in a safe and caring environment. We’ll never force you to choose one pregnancy option over the other, and we believe in your ability to make a sound decision.

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New Hope Center is here for you, and our mentors will offer accurate information on all your options. We don’t provide or refer for abortions and instead empower you with the facts on all possibilities.

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