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Some people assume a natural next step after confirming an unplanned pregnancy is abortion. But abortion isn’t a decision you make lightly; it has side effects and risks to consider.

New Hope Center can educate you on your other pregnancy options: parenting and adoption. You should know as much as possible about these options, including available resources and how we can support you.

Is Adoption Feasible?

Adoption may not be your first thought when confronted with an unplanned pregnancy. It can be a difficult decision that creates unexpected emotional challenges.

Adoption may indeed be a hard choice, but the love and selflessness behind that choice speak volumes.

When you choose adoption, you place your child in a family that will love and care for them. You’re giving your child the best chance of having a bright future. And you have a say in every step of the process.

As the birth mother, you can choose open, semi-open, or closed adoption. An open adoption allows you to be actively involved in your child’s life, while a closed adoption ensures complete confidentiality.

New Hope Center can walk you through this option and provide adoption agency referrals. The agency will describe the process in detail and inform you of your rights.

You’ll never pay for adoption services. The agency covers all your medical and legal costs. Plus, depending on your needs, other pregnancy-related expenses could be covered.

Could I Parent?

Parenting is a significant decision with long-term implications. Raising a child doesn’t end after they turn 18. Instead, you’ll guide and nurture them well into adulthood.

Though it’s a big responsibility, parenting can be a joy-filled experience. You’ll watch your child develop their unique personality, explore interests, and discover their passions. These are things that few people forget.

When thinking about parenting, consider the following questions:

  • Can I physically, emotionally, and spiritually support a child?
  • Do I live in a loving, stable home environment?
  • Do I have a strong support system?
  • What are my biggest fears about parenting?

Parenting can create many questions, and it is full of challenging moments. We’re here to help. New Hope Center provides parenting classes, mentoring services, and material support.

If you select this option, we want to equip you fully for the future.

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