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If parenting is not for you, adoption is an option to consider. Our team at New Hope Center is here to better inform you about how adoption works and are here to support you throughout the process. Adoption comes with flexibility and the opportunity to choose an adoption plan that works for you, whether you want to stay in a relationship or not.

Depending on the financial or emotional circumstances surrounding your unplanned pregnancy, adoption might be the best decision for you for the following reasons:

  • You feel like you are too young to be a parent
  • You don’t want to parent, but don’t want to have an abortion
  • You lack an emotional support system
  • You don’t know how you would financially support a child
  • You’re focused on school or your career

How Does Adoption Work?

Adoption may be different than you think. As the birth mother, you get a say in every step of the adoption process. From choosing the adoptive family for your baby to deciding how involved – if at all – you want to be in the life of your child, you make each of the decisions throughout the process.

Types Of Adoption Plans

There are three types of adoption plans to choose from: open, closed, and semi-open adoption. In an open adoption, you and the adoptive family arrange how you would like to stay in contact, have visitations, and have open communication. With closed adoption, there is no communication between each party and all identifying information is kept private. Semi-open adoption is a mix of open and closed adoption, keeping all communication through a third party.

Is Adoption For Me?

Adoption, while a difficult decision, is not one you have to make alone. Our non-judgmental team at New Hope Center is here to provide adoption agency referrals and walk alongside you through your journey, no matter which option you decide.

If you’re unexpectedly pregnant and considering your options, schedule an appointment with us today, and we can talk more about this option.

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