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Confidential After-Abortion Care

We offer after-abortion support to assist those who have experienced abortion and need to work through negative emotions surrounding that experience. New Hope Center’s trained and compassionate staff members can talk with you about your experience in a confidential and safe setting.

What Are The Emotional Side Effects Of Abortion?

Some women report immediately feeling relief following an abortion but begin to experience other emotions as time goes on. Abortion can affect each woman differently, and if you’re beginning to experience any of the following, we welcome you to join our after-abortion care program.

A study published shares that there were major changes in mental health in women who had an abortion. It examined medical information from 877,000 women, of which 164,000 had an abortion; the women who had an abortion were 81% more likely to have mental health struggles. Women were…

  • 34% more likely to develop an anxiety disorder
  • 110% more likely to abuse alcohol
  • 155% more likely to commit suicide
  • 220% more likely to abuse marijuana
  • 37% more likely to experience depression

This same study found that 10% of these issues could be linked to a woman’s abortion. If you are experiencing the emotional side effects of abortion, you are not alone.

Potential Emotional Side Effects Of Abortion Include:

  • Regret
  • Guilt
  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Feeling of isolation
  • Insomnia or nightmares
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts or feelings

Anyone can experience emotional side effects following an abortion, but you may be at greater risk if you’ve struggled with emotional or psychological illnesses in the past, if you were pressured into an abortion, if you had an abortion without telling anyone, or if you had ethical, religious, or moral beliefs that conflicted with abortion.

Find Support Today

If you are experiencing any of the side effects of abortion mentioned above, help is available. We know the sensitivity of this situation, and at New Hope Center, you will be met with compassion and care.

New Hope Center offers free compassionate after-abortion care so you can find the freedom and healing that is available to you. Contact us today to learn more or sign up for our after-abortion care program.

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