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How Abortion Pill Reversal Works

The Abortion Pill process takes two steps to end a pregnancy. Many women regret taking the abortion pill and actually want to continue their pregnancy. The APR is most effective when only the first abortion pill, Mifepristone, is taken. 

When attempting to reverse a medication abortion, a hormone called progesterone is given since the first pill of medication abortion works to block this hormone. Increasing the doses of this hormone is necessary to reverse the effects of the first Abortion Pill.

Progesterone used in the process is a naturally occurring hormone in pregnancy and has been used supplementally for pregnancies for more than 50 years. The reversal process is proven safe and effective, with no undesired effects known.

If You Changed Your Mind

If you have already taken Mifepristone and now have a change of heart, there is the possibility of reversing the abortion. The process is called APR, which can reverse the effects of the Abortion Pill, allowing your pregnancy to continue. Studies show that APR has a 64 – 68% success rate.

The APR method floods your body with the progesterone hormone. This in turn will thicken the lining of the uterus. If your pregnancy is still implanted, the heavy dose of progesterone will once again help the pregnancy to grow.

It’s most effective to begin the APR process within 24 hours of taking the first Abortion Pill. Don’t get discouraged if it’s been later than 24 hours. Reports of success have been as far as 72 hours from the first Abortion Pill.

How To Receive Abortion Pill Reversal

Call the Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline at (855) 209-4848. Help is available 24/7. You will be put in touch with the nearest medical provider in your area.

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