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Is Parenting For Me?

We understand the fears and uncertainties that come with parenting an unplanned pregnancy. No one is ever truly ready to parent—even those who have planned their pregnancies have the same fears you’re experiencing. With the right resources and support, it’s not impossible to parent when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

New Hope Center offers a range of resources completely free of charge so you feel informed and prepared for your parenting journey ahead. Talk in a safe and non-judgmental environment about this option today.

Parenting Classes & Material Assistance

It’s important to have the parenting resources you need to support your child. You may not even know what you need as a first-time parent. We offer both men’s and women’s parenting classes at no cost to you so you can learn what’s needed for every stage of pregnancy and beyond.

Many families faced with unplanned pregnancies are concerned about finances and whether they will be able to provide for a new child. New Hope Center offers material assistance so that, regardless of your financial circumstances, you can embrace the option to parent.

By participating in parenting classes that cover a variety of relevant topics, you’ll be able to earn materials like car seats, cribs, diapers, infant clothing, and more.

Support & Mentorship

Your care at New Hope Center doesn’t have to end with a single appointment. We’re dedicated to walking with you throughout your pregnancy, offering you support, education, and the resources you need to become a great parent. Mentorship and support are available at no cost to anyone who walks through our doors.

New Hope Center is a place of encouragement, support, and lasting relationships. If you would like to learn more about parenting and the resources we offer, please contact our center to schedule an appointment today. We can help answer your many parenting questions.

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