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Obtaining the abortion pill online bypasses safety precautions that are in place to protect women. While you can buy the abortion pill online, there are many reasons why doing so is not recommended. 

FDA Regulations

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates medications in the United States. Regulations require the FDA to review medication for safety, quality, and effectiveness. 

Drugs purchased online cannot be regulated, so there is no way to guarantee where the drugs originated. Medications obtained online could be expired or have the wrong dosage. You would bypass necessary safeguards designed to protect your health.

The FDA specifically recommends that women not purchase the abortion pill online. They advise only your healthcare provider to dispense the drugs.

Safety Precautions

Before an abortion, every woman should receive a physical, pregnancy testing, and an ultrasound. Each step is vital in determining if the abortion pill is a safe option for you. 

Ultrasounds, in particular, offer much-needed information to prioritize your health. They are used in early pregnancy to confirm, date, and locate the pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy confirmation is necessary as it determines if your pregnancy is viable (progressing). Up to 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Taking the abortion pill when you are already experiencing a miscarriage puts you at unnecessary risk of complications since the miscarriage might not need intervention. A doctor should evaluate a woman experiencing a miscarriage.
  • Since the abortion pill is only FDA-approved for pregnancies under ten weeks, dating your pregnancy with ultrasound is crucial to ensuring your safety.
  • When a pregnancy implants somewhere in the body other than the uterus, it becomes a life-threatening condition for the woman. This condition is called an ectopic pregnancy, and a medical provider must address it immediately. The abortion pill will not resolve an ectopic pregnancy. 

Be Informed Beforehand

Learn more about the abortion pill method, side effects, and potential risks such as an incomplete abortion. It’s important to know what to expect. 

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