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Women facing unintended pregnancies sometimes find ordering the abortion pill online appealing because it appears quick and confidential. Like all prescription medications, you should only obtain the abortion pill through a prescribing physician.

Obtaining the abortion pill online can needlessly risk your health and safety.

FDA Regulations

The FDA regulates medication in the United States for the safety of citizens and has recommended against purchasing the abortion pill online. 

When medication is purchased online, the FDA cannot ensure its source, effectiveness, or even that the drug is what the seller says it is. Obtaining the abortion pill online bypasses the FDA’s safeguards and can be ineffective or dangerous.


Not everyone is a candidate for the abortion pill. Before taking the abortion pill, a woman should consult a medical provider to help her assess if the abortion pill is right for her. 

Before an abortion provider can prescribe the abortion pill, they must obtain information about the pregnancy to ensure a woman’s safety. An ultrasound is a safe and simple imaging test that can provide the information needed if you choose to pursue abortion options. 

The essential information provided by ultrasound includes:

  • Your pregnancy’s viability- Up to 26% of pregnancies end in natural miscarriage. Miscarriage treatment involves waiting to see if the pregnancy passes on its own. If it does, you won’t need any further treatment. An ultrasound can determine if your pregnancy has a heartbeat to see if it is viable or if you have miscarried.
  • How far along your pregnancy is- The abortion pill is only FDA-approved in pregnancies up to ten weeks. An ultrasound will show the provider how far along your pregnancy is to determine your method of abortion.  
  • The location of your pregnancy- Sometimes, with an ectopic pregnancy, the pregnancy implants somewhere other than the uterus. This condition can be dangerous for the woman’s health, and she will need immediate treatment. However, a different termination method will be required as the abortion pill is ineffective for an ectopic pregnancy.

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