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Why Do I Need An Ultrasound?

Whether planned or unplanned, pregnancy can evoke a variety of emotions. New Hope Center is here to help you explore your options so you are able to make the best choice for your health and your future.

The first step is to verify that you are pregnant. New Hope Center offers lab-grade pregnancy tests at no cost to you. They are considered 99% accurate by the manufacturer. The second step is to have an ultrasound, which New Hope Center also provides.

Before I explain why an ultrasound is important, I should answer the question, “What is an ultrasound.” An ultrasound is a type of medical imaging that uses sound waves to create an image of what is going on inside your body. In this case, it looks inside your uterus. Unlike an X-rays, ultrasounds do not use any radiation. An ultrasound is completely safe for you and your baby.

So why is an ultrasound important? No matter what options you are considering, an ultrasound provides useful information to help you make the best informed decision. The limited ultrasounds provided by New Hope Center help to determine three things:

  • Viability of the pregnancy: It’s important to verify that the pregnancy is located in the uterus; if it is somewhere else, it would be considered an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Fetal heart rate: The sonographer will look for your baby’s heart rate to determine if it is in the appropriate range for your gestational age.
  • Measurement of gestational age: The sonographer will measure your baby to determine how far along you are. If you are considering abortion, this is a crucial step as the gestational age will determine the type and cost of an abortion.

An ultrasound is an important part of your pregnancy journey; and New Hope Center is able to offer them free and confidentially. We are here to equip and empower you to make your best choice.

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 Jenna Hughes BSN, RN

Nurse Manager, New Hope Center

 New Hope Center is not able to provide ultrasounds to those who are already under a doctor’s care.


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